12 Ways to get more Omega-3 into your childs diet!


Omega-3 fatty acids are the most critical building blocks of the brain; they are considered essential and must be gotten from your diet or supplementation. Without these important fats, it can become difficult for children to concentrate, learn new information, and balance their moods properly. Since most children do not eat oily fish on a regular basis, omega-3s are in short supply during the most critical stages of brain development.

A 2012 study found Omega 3 DHA had a profound improvement in reading age, concentration and learning ability in children, lower levels of DHA were attributed to poorer reading and impaired performance.

Invest in an Omega-3 Food Supplement

Unless they are eating 3 portions of oily fish a week, a pure Omega 3 DHA is a must. We have the answer, just one 5ml spoon of Eskimo oil a day should be top of every parents shopping list, available in two delicious flavours, Zingy Orange and Tutti Fruity.

How do you ensure your children are getting enough Omega-3?

Well as a parent, we’re told to feed our children oily fish twice a week, but this is easier said than done. It certainly doesn’t happen in this house anyway and very often you will find that kids like to eat plain foods with most baulking at the sight and smell of fish. So how do we sneak these essential Omega 3 fatty oils into their bodies? A supplement is the simple answer.

Myself and my two daughters Naomi and Lucy all take Eskimo oils daily. Lucy (8 years old) takes Eskimo-3 Kids tutti frutti right off the spoon no problem, possibly due to the bubble gum natural flavouring. She has been taking it since she was 1 year, so there was never a problem. Naomi (13 years old) takes Eskimo Brain 369, which is a similar formulation to Eskimo-3 Kids but contains a higher amount of omega-3 DHA plus Co-enzyme Q10. Naomi takes the liquid mostly, but sometimes prefers to swallow down a few capsules instead. While the oils are flavoured naturally, sometimes parents find it difficult to get their kids to take oil off the spoon, therefore, we have put together a list of 11 ways to hide omega-3 in your kids foods.

Eskimo-3 Kids in the orange flavour is ideal if you need to disguise it into food or drink.


1. Add Eskimo-3 Kids into homemade smoothies e.g. Child Friendly Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

2. Mix it into a yoghurt

3. Mix into fruit juices e.g. apple, orange, pear

4. Put it into porridge with fruit

5. Drizzle fish oil on steamed, sautéed, or roasted veggies

6. Mix it into a sorbet, or even ice cream – Check out this tasty Strawberry Dairy Free and Egg Free Ice Cream

7. Drizzle it on bread, before spreading peanut butter

8. Drizzle it on bread, before spreading mashed banana

9. Drizzle into mash potato or vegetables.

10. Mix it with apple sauce

11. Add 1 Tbsp fish oil into the Protein Balls mixture

12. Add it to your chia pudding mixture.

Help them achieve their full potential at school by making sure your child is getting at least 250mg DHA daily for optimum brain function. Eskimo-3 Kids is available at all good health stores and pharmacies.

Check out our Omega-3 for Children Product Page


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