10 Benefits of Omega-3 for Men

1. Cardiac Death and Sudden Death:

Research showed that the risk of cardiac death and sudden death were significantly reduced by 32% and 33% while the risk of heart attack was reduced by 25% among those who received omega-3 compared to the control group. 1

2. Lower’s Triglycerides:

Eskimo-3 has been shown to reduce triglycerides by up to 64% in 6 months. High triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.2

3. Blood Clots & Stroke:

Each year, approximately 10,000 Irish people have a stroke and around 2,000 die. Studies have shown that stable fish oil lowers fibrinogen in the blood, therefore reducing the risk of blood clots, which are a major contributing factor to stroke and heart attack. 2

4. Eye Health:

Research shows Omega-3 rich oils improve membrane fluidity in retina cells and can help fight age- related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness of elderly people in developed countries.3

5. Arthritis:

Eating oily fish or taking omega-3 supplementation can halve the risk of rheumatoid arthritis,4 most likely due to omega-3s natural anti-inflammatory effect.

6. Memory:

The omega-3 fatty acid DHA has been shown to improve memory and speed of memory recall in healthy adults5 and to prevent memory loss in those in the early stages of memory decline.6

7. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Eating one serving of oily fish a week is associated with halving the risk of Alzheimer’s.7 Scientists detail how vitamin D & omega-3 fats synergistically halt Alzheimer’s plaque formation.8 Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 contains both vitamin D and Omega-3 DHA!

8. Fertility:

DHA, one of the fatty acids contained in fish oil, has a significant impact on the viability and health of sperm. This results in sperm that are healthier, have better motility, and therefore the chances of a successful conception increase. 9

9. Depression/ Mood:

DHA is thought to increase serotonin and dopamine levels therefore elevating mood. Research has found that lower omega-3 causes poor nerve cell communication leading to cognitive deficits and mood alterations, including depression. 10

10. Anxiety:

EPA and DHA also play a role in your emotional well being. The Brain Behaviour and Immunity study showed a dramatic 20% reduction in anxiety and inflammation among medical students taking omega-3.11 Omega-3 are well researched and shown to be beneficial in many aspects of mens health.

Top Reasons to Choose Eskimo-3

  1. Optimum levels of EPA/ DHA

    Eskimo-3 contains more than twice the EPA and DHA recommended by international experts in each teaspoon and contains the approved levels of EPA and DHA required to bear the Heart, Brain and Vision health claims.

  2. 100% Pure

    Environmental toxins accumulate in fish, and unless removed will concentrate in fish oil. Eskimo-3 oil undergoes an extensive purification process (called molecular distillation) to ensure it is toxin free, and numerous independent studies have consistently shown that Eskimo-3 is one of the purest fish oils available.

  3. Fresh & Stable 

    Eskimo-3 contains a special antioxidant mixture called pufanox which means it stays fresh & stable for much longer than other fish oils. Most fish oil products available today become rancid when exposed to air, which is damaging to the body. Eskimo-3 lasts much longer once opened, making it safer.

  4. Supported by Science:

    More than 100 scientific articles have been published in leading medical journals worldwide demonstrating the effects of Eskimo-3 fish oil and the Eskimo-3 range of products.

  5. From Sustainable Fisheries:

    Eskimo-3 fish oil comes from fully sustainable sources, where the fishing is strictly monitored and controlled by the government. In fact, the fishery which supplies the oil for Eskimo-3 has recently been awarded Friend of the Sea certification, in recognition of its commitment to sustainable fishing.

  6. No Fishy taste or smell:

    Due to the incredible stability, Eskimo-3 has no fishy smell or aftertaste.

  7. Great Tasting Liquid or Capsules:

    Eskimo-3 comes in the convenience of either liquid or capsules. The pleasant tasting liquid form is often preferred by children who are frequently resistant to swallowing capsules. The Eskimo-3 capsules are small so that they are easy to swallow.

On the market for more than 20 years and with over 120 scientific studies, the Eskimo range represents probably the finest quality fish oil on the market, providing Omega-3 rich oil of legendary purity, freshness and stability. The oil is always from sustainable sources, and there is full traceability and quality control throughout the production process, from fishing boat to finished oil.

The company’s mission is to dispel the myth that Omega and fish oils are only needed by older people and to emphasise the importance of introducing Omega-3 to all ages as part of a balanced diet. The company have launched a new website full of useful information, which is 100% backed by extensive research.

Eskimo-3 is available in health food stores and pharmacies nationwide, and on eskimo3.ie.

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