Health and Wellness Tips for Women

Top 10 health and wellness tips for women.

women's health

Women’s Health and Wellness

Discover our top tips for better health and wellbeing for females.

Women’s Health and Wellbeing

Eating well, exercising, de-stressing, sleeping, having fun and a positive frame of mind are all important elements for women’s health and wellbeing.

Tips for Women's Wellbeing

Top 10 Health & Wellness Tips for Women

Top tips for good health and well-being for women.

1. Eat Well for Better Mental Health

Eating a healthy diet is so important for health and wellbeing. Many people find their eating habits become more erratic under stress. During stressful times, some people rely on quick fixes such as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes to get through the day. Choose to eat regular fresh, nutritious meals and snacks will support a balanced stress response, and maximise energy levels too.

Eating well starts with a nutritious breakfast. Choose slow release energy foods such as porridge oats. Mix this with fresh fruit and a brain-boosting mix of nuts and seeds for maximum energy and brainpower.

A study found that a Mediterranean-style diet is good for your health. This diet is high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. The study showed that when a Mediterranean-style diet is supplemented with fish oil, it led to a reduction in depression among participants.

2. Boost Nutrient Intake

Boost your nutrient intake. Women have different nutritional requirements than men. Also, sometimes you may need to take supplements to ensure that your body is receiving an adequate supply.

Important nutrients for women include:

  • B complex with B6, B12, and folic acid and for energy, mood, sleep, and PMS, such as Terranova B-Complex.
  • Vitamin D for healthy bones, teeth, muscles, immunity. Many of the Eskimo-3 products contain vitamin D, with Eskimo-3 Extra containing 20ug vitamin D in each capsule.
  • Omega-3, 6, and 9 is important for women for brain function, hormone regulation and mood such as Eskimo Brain 369
  • Iron to replenish stores after menstruation, energy and anaemia, such as Terranova Easy Iron Complex.
  • Folic Acid ,especially if trying to conceive and during pregnancy.
  • Magnesium to relax muscles, especially if you suffer with cramps during your menstrual cycle, sleep, and after exercise. A supplement such as Mag365 contains magnesium.
  • Probiotics to replenish friendly bacteria and keep your gut healthy.

In the video below Sinead Bradbury Nutrition discusses supplements to take and  speaks about the various products in the Eskimo-3 range.


3. Plan and Accept Help

With many women working from home, it has become increasingly difficult to separate personal life from work life. For this reason, a schedule may be useful. There is no need to check work emails late at night. You should aim to schedule your work day within the normal hours of business. Well, unless of course, you need the flexibility due to your personal childcare needs.

On Sunday evening, sit down and consider the coming week to schedule important tasks, meetings, deadlines, family appointments, exercise. This will help lay out your schedule for the week ahead based on importance. At the end of each day, write down your to-do list for the following day. This way you can get straight down to business and not waste any time.

If you live in a family setting, remember you are not the only one that can do chores. By assigning chores to others, you can free up time and headspace to focus on other things. The bonus is that children and teens are learning life skills, which will stand to them for ever more.

4. Self-Care

Women are very good at putting others’ needs ahead of their own. However, we all know that taking care of ourselves can go a long way in our caring for others. Try to incorporate 15 to 20 minutes of self-care daily. This can be simple and inexpensive. Draw a warm Epsom bath, read a book, meditate, create an at home spa experience, go for a walk, or take a nap.

Looking to change your life? Check out the new book Naked: Ten Truths To Change Your Life by Caroline Foran.

5. Exercise

Exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, and improve your energy levels. It may also help to relieve any stress or low mood that you might be feeling. With life increasingly busy, it is important to prioritise exercise by scheduling your workouts for the week ahead. At a minimum, aim for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

Women need a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training a few times a week. Types of aerobic exercise include walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, running, rowing and dance. Types of strength training include weights, dumbbell exercises, bodyweight strength training exercises, planks, lunges, push ups, squats. While aerobic exercise aids cardiovascular health, strength training helps to strengthen muscles as well as the bones that support the muscles. Therefore, incorporating strength training into your exercise regime helps prevent injury and stave off bone loss and osteoporosis.

Consider investing in a Fitbit or other smart watch, as it can help really motivate you to move.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for well-being, immunity, and mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, lethargy and poor immunity.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques can be very calming before bedtime, as can a hot Epsom salt bath that is infused with lavender essential oil.

Key nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid are also important for good sleep.

7. Be Positive and De-Stress

Try to remain in a positive frame of mind by using mantras, motivational quotes on post-its, or surrounding yourself with friends and family who lift you to greater heights. Keep stress to a minimum by getting enough sleep, exercising daily and using techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, or pilates.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, try the Headspace app. This will teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day.

8. Have Fun

Be silly, laugh as much as you can and dance as if nobody is watching. Don’t forget to check in with a friend and do outdoor activities such as hike, run, cycle or even the very popular sea swim.

9. Find Your Personal Style

It’s amazing how finding your own personal style can boost your confidence and make you feel good! Spend some time decluttering your wardrobe. Find new ways to mix and match items you already own before investing in some new items and accessories to upgrade your wardrobe and let your confidence soar.

10. Women’s Health Check

It is really important to visit your GP at least once a year to get a check-up on bloods, blood pressure, physical, and hormones. Women in particular should regularly check their breasts for lumps and keep up to date with their cervical smear checks.

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