Mums and Tots Awards

Eskimo-3 win Best Kids Supplement in the Mums and Tots Awards.


Mums and Tots Awards

Mums and Tots Award Winner

Eskimo-3 have won the Best Kids Supplement in the Mums and Tots Awards 2020.

Best Kids Supplement Award

Eskimo-3 are the winner of the Best Kids Supplement in the Mums and Tots Awards 2020.

Mum and Tots Award

Mums and Tots Awards

The annual Mums and Tots Awards opens up nominations each year.

Nominations are made through the Mums & Tots Facebook app to its 42,500 followers. People from across the country put forward their favourite product or deserving person for consideration.

Eskimo-3 has previously sponsored the Top Story Category in the awards.

These awards celebrate popular baby products and services as well as the remarkable people who support families everywhere and make a difference to their lives.

The Mums & Tots Awards are split in to two sections. The Best Product Awards showcase the very best baby products and family-centred services available to parents in Ireland. The Top People Awards recognise inspirational mums, dads, grandparents and medical professionals, as well as children who have shown bravery in adverse situations.

Roberta von Meding, Editor of Mums & Tots Magazine added, “We are thrilled to have NUK headlining our awards this year. For over 60 years, NUK has been listening to the trusted experts; midwives, doctors, nutritionists and especially mothers and fathers, in order to learn about the needs of parent and child in those precious early years. So who better to understand the importance of recognising the people and brands that matter most to families, across all generations in Ireland.

Nominations are shortlisted with 5 nominees in each category. The public cast their final vote for their preferred product or person. The winners of the awards are revealed in Mums & Tots magazine.

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